A Weekly Visit To The La Jolla Open Aire Farmers Market

The La Jolla Open Aire Farmers Market has been a weekly tradition since 1998. The farmers market was started by Sherry Ahern. It started as a way to raise money for a new school library and librarian. Originally with only 14 farmers and one artisan, the market has since grown into a vibrant and bustling weekly community staple. Residents, families, and tourists alike all enjoy taking a break on Sundays to have fun and eat delicious fare. Whether you’re in need of flowers or just want to listen to live music and eat breakfast, the farmers market has it all. This past weekend, we went to the farmers market in hopes of capturing our visit and sharing it with you all. Here are some of the highlights of our visit. Hopefully we’ll hear what yours are too.

Our visit to the farmers market started with a walk through the main entrance.

We passed a live musician playing acoustic songs, entertaining children and families on the large lawn. There are bands and musicians playing live music every week at the farmers market. My first visit was to the Crepes Up! booth. Easily recognizable with their large red tent, this vendor has been a popular spot for years. I ordered the Chicken Pesto Panini that was grilled to perfection with cheese, avocado, spinach, and tomatoes. It was a perfect way to start my Sunday morning! Other great menu items are their sweet & savory selections of crepes and freshly squeezed fruit punch.

Next, we made our way to the large and robust food court located underneath the blue pavilion.

With a huge selection, there is something for everyone to try! From greek faire to empanadas, almost every cuisine imaginable has a presence here. My father had his weekly filling of Belindas Cocina. Known for her outstanding Mexican food, Belinda serves up delicious dishes and flavors that change weekly. She made us a special sampling plate filled with chipotle chicken, chorizo & eggs, guacamole, and freshly made tortillas. To wash down this delicious food we visited the Lemongrass Barbeque for a mixture of their homemade watermelon juice and hand squeezed mango refresher.

We then walked off our filling meals by touring the market and visiting our favorite booths.

We picked up fresh yellow peaches, ripe vine tomatoes, and a tub of flavored almond sauce also known as Bitchin sauce. For a lighter dessert, I ordered a watermelon and mango fruit cup sprinkled with salt, pico de gallo, and lime. Perfect for any summer day! After that we listened to live music on the grass while watching the children run around and dance.

Like always, we’ll be back next Sunday for another relaxing morning. Now that we’ve shared some of our favorite things to do at the farmers market, we want to hear about yours! Leave a comment below telling us your favorite vendors at the market.

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