A Letter From a Summer Writer

I was hired by the Blue Book to be a social media intern and a contributor to the blog for the summer as I return to UNC-Chapel Hill in the fall. I received the job in sort of an odd way. I walked into my dentist’s office to get my annual checkup and a nice woman named Mary began to clean my teeth. She asked some information about me, like where I went to college, my major, etc. and once finding out that I was indeed an English major and did not have any internship plans for the summer, she immediately asked if I was interested in a writing internship. I gave her an odd look, assuming that she meant writing for the dentist’s office, but was reassured when she told me that it was for her husband’s company, the La Jolla Blue Book.

I started my internship that week, a little unsure with what to expect. I wasn’t sure if this was going to be a legitimate internship and assumed that I would maybe write something once and that would be it. My time spent here has been so much more than that.

Writing for the Blue Book has left me with many new experiences that I might not have received elsewhere. For one, I now know what it’s like to work in a cubicle with other people for hours on end. My coworkers and I became very close because of this and shared many things. I would like to say goodbye specifically to Vanessa and Jack and to thank them for making my days at the Blue Book some of the best of my summer.

Working here has also taught me that inspiration can strike anywhere, as I constantly had to come up with new, fun article topics to draw in our readers.

The atmosphere of the Blue Book is one that is unmatched. You’re surrounded by eccentric, creative and lively people that are passionate about what they do, especially my boss, Scott Levin, who is one of the most energetic and fun bosses I could’ve asked for.

I also got to experience things that wouldn’t have been possible without this internship. I met other bloggers like @LaJollaMom and @MichelleRealtor for Adopt a Bench in Downtown La Jolla, explored the  International Cottages and the Japanese Tea Garden in Balboa Park, and attended the VIP Madewell Opening Party at UTC Mall.

For the opportunity to experience all of this and more, I am extremely grateful to everyone at the Blue Book. I will miss all of you when I’m at school this fall!

Maddie Erdossy, Social Media and Marketing Contributor

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