A Floral Designer’s Experience During Valentine’s Day

157 miles. 30,162 steps. 4 hours of sleep. Seeing the look on people’s faces when they have flowers delivered to them: Priceless!

Delivering Valentine’s Day floral arrangements is a heartwarming experience. It is a day of experiencing Joy, Love, Happiness and Smiles. And not only from senders and receivers of flowers. Quite often, these emotions are expressed by others seeing a delivery in progress nearby. People’s eyes light up when they see a floral arrangement being brought into their office, place of business or apartment complex. Surprisingly, this response is not gender specific, even though women receive more flowers than men on Valentine’s Day. In fact, more men than women have asked “Are those for me?” or commented “Oh, you shouldn’t have.” There’s no doubt in my mind that flowers evoke emotions that connect us with one another. Emotions that are innate and authentic.

But don’t just take my word for it, a research study at Rutgers University, found that flowers have an immediate impact on happiness, demonstrating delight and gratitude, for women, as well as man, and at any age.

Being a floral designer gives me the opportunity to see this first hand every day, and especially on Valentine’s Day. I am extremely grateful to get to share this day with so many people. Thank you!

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