9 Chic Creations That Will Get You Excited About Needlepoint

While it’s true that needlepoint is an age-old craft generally associated with grandmothers, modern needlepoint has evolved through the popularity of DIY websites like Etsy, and lately popping up in high-end fashion lines like Jonathan Adler characterized by clean lines, bold colors, and kitschy graphic designs.

So what is needlepoint and what can you create with it? We consulted with Bill and Michelle Price, needlepoint experts and owners of Needlepoint of La Jolla and learned more about the craft and its endless possibilities. Here are nine chic ways to inspire you to have fun with needlepoint.

Clutch (brit.co)
Needlepoint is a form of embroidery that uses a type of thread (Wool yarn, silk, cotton, metallic’s & blends) and a tapestry needle to stitch through an even-weave fabric or canvas. You can create fun and chic patterns like the clutch pictured above.

Coasters (designsponge.com)
Needlepoint has over 300 variations of stitches; most designs are made with tent stitch following a color pattern as pictured above.

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Cuffs (designdarling.com)
Needlepoint is a labor intensive process. It takes 40 minutes per square inch of needlework. For example, a design measuring 10×10 will take you approximately 67 hours to complete. Or you can create one of these colorful cuffs in less than a week!

Footstool (blog.thedpages.com)
Needlepoint of La Jolla offers “finishing” service where you can turn your needlepoint creation into just about anything you can image such as a pillow, a bag, or even a footstool!

Star Wars R2D2 Tissue Box Cover(etsy.com) 
tissue box
Visit Michelle at Needlepoint of La Jolla and she will walk you through a needlepoint project (such as the one pictured above) from beginning to end. Michelle also provides a free hour-long class for beginners.

Accent Pillows (jonathanadler.com)
jonathan adler accent pillows too
Accent pillows are also a popular design and if you don’t see a design you like, Bill can hand-paint just about any design you wish. We love this Jackie O accent pillow by Jonathan Adler, learn how you can make one on your own by visiting Needlepoint of La Jolla.

Flask (thepointofitallonline)
Needlepoint creations make fun and unique gifts like this monogrammed flask canvas from Elizabeth Turner Collection.

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Ornament (by Kirk & Bradley)
Most popular designs, according to Michelle are Christmas stockings and ornaments. People prepare months in advance to ensure a finished product in time for the holidays.

Serving Tray
wine tray
Fit a customized or ready-made design into an insert-ready tray. Check out a finished sample at Needlepoint of La Jolla. Did you know that there are two needlepoint stores in La Jolla? A rare feat as most needlepoint stores have gone virtual.

Ready to get started?! Visit Bill and Michelle at Needlepoint of La Jolla located in Bird Rock at 5685 La Jolla Blvd to help you get started. Be sure to visit them during the month of April for the Danji Designs trunk show, a local distributor of needlepoint canvases, featuring Laurel Birch, Charlie Zaparte, Eileen Best, and more!

[Images: pinterest.com]

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