8 Creepiest Halloween Cocktail Recipes On Pinterest

Halloween Cocktail Recipes
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Hosting a Halloween bash this year? Maybe you’re looking to relax with a cocktail and a Halloween horror flick at home? Either way, we’ve made it easy for you to try some creatively creepy Halloween cocktail recipes straight from Pinterest! Be sure to stop by Hi Sweetheart on Ivanhoe for Halloween-themed party supplies.

1. This color-changing marvel (top image) will thrill and chill everyone—and the best part is, you can choose any clear booze you want without ruining the fun.

2. Scared of things that go bump in the night? Put some weird lumps and bumps in your favorite cocktail with boba-style tapioca pearls.

Halloween Cocktail Bubble Bump
Image Via pinterest.com

3. For a touch of creepiness, try this bleeding martini, which is most fun right as the red begins to swirl through the drink.

Halloween Cocktail Bleeding Heart Martini
Image Via pinterest.com

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4. It was a dark and stormy night…in your glass. This classy but eerie cocktail is an crowdpleaser for sure.

Halloween Cocktails Black and White
Image Via pinterest.com

5. It’ll look gross, but taste great, as Bailey’s curdles with lime in this festive drink.

Halloween Cocktail Baileys Curdle
Image Via pinterest.com

6. Need a substitute for witches’ brew? This simple and sleek—but super tasty!—cocktail is sure to charm them all.

Halloween Cocktail Black Velvet Beer
Image Via pinterest.com

7. This orange and purple cocktail is a perfect match for your Halloween color scheme, and its murky color and fruity flavor will mystify guests.

Halloween Cocktail Orange and Black Blackberry
Image Via pinterest.com

8. Frankenstein green and bloody red sit neatly on top of each other in this appropriately colored candy apple creation.

Halloween Cocktail Candy Apple Cinnamon
Image Via pinterest.com

Let us know what your favorites were, and Happy Halloween from La Jolla Blue Book!

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