7 Easy Semi-Homemade Christmas Treats

Enjoy all the fun of holiday baking without turning on your oven with these seven semi-homemade holiday treats! These fast and easy no-bake treats are made with store-bought goodies like Nilla cookies, Rice Krispie treats, and Oreos. Bring them to your next Christmas party or box them up as edible gifts!

Christmas Tree Scones via Sugarbelle
Simply choose a scone flavor of your choice (usually found in the bakery section of most grocery stores) and decorate with store bought frosting tubes, dot with decorative sprinkles and done!

Reindeer Cupcakes via Pepperidgefarm.com
Turn an ordinary store-bought cupcake into the perfect holiday dessert that the kids will enjoy decorating! Get the full recipe here.
reindeer cupcakes

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NILLA Holiday “Cake” Bites via snackworks.com
This easy bite-sized, no-bake dessert stacks up NILLA Wafers filled with raspberry jam (we recommend using Soledad Jam), wrapped in a sweet icing coating. Get the full recipe here.
nilla cake bites

Nutter Butter Santa Cookies via kraftrecipes.com
Pick up a package of Nutter Butter cookies, dip both ends in white chocolate, red sprinkles for Santa hat, 2 chocolate chips for Santa’s eyes, 1 white candy for pom pom of hat and red candy for nose. See full recipe here.

Candy Cane Marshmallow Pops via Party Wagon
To make this super easy treat simply place a striped straw (Hi Sweetheart always has fun striped straws you can use) in the center of a large marshmallow, dip in white melted chocolate and top with crushed candy canes.
candy marshmallow new

Rice Krispie Treats via Party Wagon
Start with store-bought Rice Krispie Treats and cut into bite-size portions. Add a lollipop stick. Dip in melted white chocolate and then drizzle with melted red Candy Melts (found at craft stores in the baking aisle).
rice crispy2 new

Oreo Snowman Pops via Family Circle
This short 52 second video shows you how to make these fun snowman pops using Oreo cookies.
oreo snowman

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