6 Great Tips for Getting Organized

Messy unorganized closet full of clothes2014 is officially here! Did you know that January is National Get Organized month? If getting organized is one of your New Year’s Resolutions, you can definitely start this weekend. Any ladies out there who love to shop? This is a perfect time to clean out your closets (and shop for new clothes too!) Whether you are cleaning out your desk at work, tidying up your garage at home or redecorating the entire house, we found 6 great tips for getting organized by California Closets.

We asked design experts at California Closets on Girard Avenue in La Jolla, “What does ‘getting organized’ really mean?” California Closets said, “Organizing is the process by which you take back control of your surroundings, time and life!”

Here are 6 great tips recommended by California Closets for getting organized:

1. Use the motto “A place for everything and everything in its place.”
Keep items in the appropriate spaces. The best place for toys is not the mudroom, and the best place for rain boots is not the kid’s closet.

2. Create and separate items into piles to donate, keep and throw away.
Try not to get sentimental about an item while going through this process!

3. Break down the project by designating specific spaces to clean out each day.
Involve family members in the organizing and decision making process. Getting everyone involved in the project is the key to completing the process.

4. Keep frequently-used items easily accessible.
Keep items that should stay handy up front and accessible such as this seasons clothing, while placing items out of reach such as specialty clothing or holiday items.

5. Before purchasing any organizational items, determine how a space is used and what items belong in the space.
Identify ways in which you can maximize the space. You may just need drawer dividers or jewelry inserts, or perhaps you need to install storage closets in your garage.

6. Once organized – stay organized. California Closets is a great a source in designing storage solutions, maximizing existing space and helping you get and stay organized.

Organizing can be a challenge but with these tips, it will make your life much easier. If you use any of these tips, we would love to see before and after pictures. Share with us on our Facebook page and your organization skills could help someone else get organized too! Cheers to getting organized in 2014!

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