6 Fitness Tips To Incorporate at Work

Fitness and businessIt’s a new year which means you have new goals. If getting fit is one of your New Year’s resolutions, we found tips that can help! Finding time for fitness or
keeping your New Year’s resolutions can be difficult. We are here to help, here are 6 fitness tips to incorporate at work.

1. Set Daily Exercise Goals
Create fitness goals every day as soon as you get into work. The morning is when you plan out your work day and is the perfect time to schedule your goals. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, go outside for a quick run or squeeze in a yoga session in a conference room. Whatever it is, make time for it in your work day.

2. Stay Active During Lunch
The weather in La Jolla is almost always sunny. Bring your lunch outside and go for a stroll around the cove. Find a bench where you can do dips or crunches. Strap on your walking shoes, walk around the Village and even do some window shopping. Breathe, stretch and practice yoga at Scripps Park.

kev-300x1933. Take Breaks
Schedule in two different breaks, one in the morning and afternoon. Head outside and speed walk, stand up and do 2-3 yoga poses, find a quiet conference room and meditate or walk around the building a few times.

4. Plan Your Drinks, Snacks and Meals
Planning ahead will save you money and calories. Create a weekly calendar and plan your meals when you are at work. When you know exactly what you are going to eat, you don’t have time to think about going to the vending machine or the convenient store.

5. Use Office Equipment as Fitness Tools
Scope around the building for any staircases or benches you can use for dips or pushups. Use tape dispensers to do bicep curls. Find opportunities where you can stand. You can even trade in your chair for a fitness ball.

6. Get Your Co-Workers involved
Share your fitness goals with one of your co-workers and do them together. Schedule your breaks and lunches at the same time so you both can keep each other accountable, exercise together and make it fun.

Do you have any tips or tricks you do at work? Share with us in the comments below. Cheers to a healthy 2014!

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