5 Must Visit Coffee Stops in La Jolla

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Whether you live or work in lovely La Jolla, chances are you are on the go with a host of things to accomplish, such as taking care of important business and obligating yourself to running those necessary errands. And when you need a breather, what better way to invigorate and refresh the body than with … caffeine? If that won’t do the trick, you’ll be needing a nap! Oh, you’re reading this and are just vacationing? No worries. With all there is to see and do in La Jolla, you, too need a break from exploring the sights, relaxing in comfort, and energizing with some fantastic coffee.

Brick & Bell

Amble up to this trendy cafe and you’ll already sense the bustle prior to seeing it! Those in the know are aware that this relatively small cafe is always packed to the gills with faithful consumers, providing you with the reassurance that it is going to be remarkable. At Brick and Bell, you’ll get the feel of a characteristic European cafe, and overhear regular patrons order up a stifling hot cup of Cappuccino or a Vanilla Chai Latte with a homemade pastry. Fact is, anything on the menu is good, but you simply must order the ever popular scones! Believe it or not, more than 100,000 here are sold every year. Lunch kicks off at around eleven-ish, and if you have an opportunity to chill and really delight in your food, simply snag a table at the outdoor seating area in front below the cafe’s steps. Take in the scenery as you munch your almond croissant and take slow sips of your fave coffee.  Brick & Bell features two locations – the original in downtown La Jolla, located at 928 Silverado St., and the other at 2216 Avenida De La Playa in La Jolla Shores.

The Living Room

If you’re looking for a cool coffeehouse, place to grab lunch, a bakery, and both a wine and a conventional bar, look no further than The Living Room. As the name suggests, this ideal spot makes you feel right at home. The big difference is you’ll be able to delight in great food and beverages (and, of course, coffee!) without ever having to lift a pinkie except to eat and drink. And hey, if you’ve missed a chance to drop in, you’ll find The Living Room looks out over the Pacific!

This comfy coffee shop serves up delectable pastries as well as a host of other mouth-watering desserts. Got an inkling and craving for chocolate éclairs and macaroons? How about amazing cakes such as carrot, gluten-free chocolate, and three layer mousse? The menu has a broad assortment of choices, from vegan bagels and veggie-lover omelettes, to meat-and-avocado packed sandwiches and ravioli. Up early and searching for a hot breakfast? Well, there is definitely something extra special about The Living Room’s breakfast sandwiches, particularly the Breakfast Club Croissant and the Ultimate Bagel Sandwich. The combination of energy-rich carbohydrates and powerful proteins are sure to power you up for the day’s activities. You can find The Living Room at 1010 Prospect St, La Jolla.

Pannikin Coffee

Now that the morning chill is upon us, and morning fog is the norm, why not head right on over to Girard Avenue to Pannikin? The comfy fireplace makes it the definitive snug place to drop by when it’s chilly, or opt to sit outside underneath an umbrella. Pannikin is located in the design district of La Jolla, so if you happen to be shopping for new home décor, or have just dropped the tykes off at school, it’s unquestionably convenient.

Pannikin is well-known for both great food and drinks. Faithful patrons return time and again for their Greek eggs, homemade granola (served with all types of fruit goodness), and delightful pastries, which range from unbelievably fluffy muffins to freshly baked bagels. As far as beverages go, you certainly can’t go wrong when you order an iced Hazelnut latte, cappuccino, or even a regular cup of Joe. For those who have allergies, or who are looking to slide on dairy products, Pannikin offers up both soy and almond milk, too. Aside from a raft of roast coffees, the cozy coffeehouse also features an awesome selection of teas, which the vast majority of coffee shops never provide. Stop in at Pannikin, conveniently located at 7467 Girard Ave in ever scenic La Jolla.


Harry’s is a classic, old-school diner spot from the bygone days of the 1960s. It’s a family-owned cafe which has been judged to be one of the finest period coffee spots in the entire nation, and it’s not difficult to see why. Harry’s has a distinct vibe rife with nostalgia and community. Memorabilia such as newspaper clippings from when the San Diego Chargers made it into the Super Bowl fills the walls. Looking for a place to bring Fido, no worries, Harry’s is human and pet friendly. While you sip a hot coffee, Spike can lap a bowl of fresh water from the restaurant. Harry’s also provides a one-hour parking lot for your car absolutely free, and if you know La Jolla, parking is at a premium. As far as drinks go, Harry’s basic coffee is always fantastic and a great pick-me-up. That said, if you’re looking for something a little more daring, why not give the the decadent caramel-salted latte or heart-warming cafe mocha a go? Harry’s is located at 7545 Girard Ave, in La Jolla.

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters is truly a precious La Jolla jewel! Their flagship location on La Jolla Blvd. is the quintessential comfy, roomy, place to curl up and read a book or catch up on some homework or business matters. Known for their ties with international coffee roasters and their dedication to serving green coffee, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters have been upping the coffee game since they opened a decade-and-a-half ago. The drip coffee is a must have, and the variety of international blends is dead on – all the way from their specialty Bird Rock Blend to a traditional French Roast and an organic roast straight outta Colombia. You simply can’t go wrong with any of their roasted coffee choices. They also have two other locations in Little Italy and on Morena Blvd. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters … because you’re different!

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