5 Ideas To Make Your Thanksgiving Decor Breathtaking

Thanksgiving day is full of busy activities. While the boys watch football and the parade, take some time to decorate the house and the dinner table. Make it easier on yourself by taking a look at these creative and simple decor ideas.


The Thankful Tree

What a perfect way to share what you and your family are thankful for! This will be a huge hit with children and is very easy to make. Have loved ones and guests write what they’re thankful for and pin it onto the thankful tree! With foliage as a very popular theme during this time of year, not only will this add to your decor, but also serve as a special and emotional centerpiece.


Leaf Place Cards

This will be sure to impress your guests. Leaf shaped place cards are a wonderful way to decorate your Thanksgiving dinner table. Incorporate the place cards into the table display, or simply leave them tucked next to the place mat. This very simple and festive addition will go a long way in making your table seem welcoming and attractive.

PS. Did you notice the twig styled utensils?



Take a break from tradition fall themed colors and don’t be scared to try out new floral centerpieces. Try using hydrangeas! Always effortless and stunning, hydrangeas provide for a brilliant centerpiece for ANY thanksgiving table. They are easy to work with, painless when it comes to styling, and go great with other fall decorations such as acorns, pumpkins, and foliage. If you want to use hydrangeas, but prefer not to use white, you can use one of the many different green, brown, and gold shades of the flower.

PS. Try using hydrangeas with a clear vase and fill it with fresh cranberries to give it a splash of color.


Cinnamon Candles

This very elegant, simple, and creative table decoration will be a huge crowd pleaser. Take basic white pillar candles of varying heights. Design the outside with sticks of cinnamon. Finish off the centerpiece with either hemp string or ribbon. This idea will fill your dining room with aromatic scents and be so popular, it could perhaps outshine the turkey.

Handmade Fall Potpourri

Whether it’s a gift for the host or decor for the house, scented potpourri makes for a perfect holiday addition. Take a basic mason jar and fill it with cinnamon sticks, dried oranges, vanilla extract, scented oils, dried cranberries, and any other ingredients that you have handy. Tie the mason jar with festive ribbon and you have just made the perfect gift!

Now that we have shared some great ideas for your Thanksgiving party, tell us some of your favorite crafts and ideas for the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving!

Ideas shared from Pinterest users Baby Gizmo, Lia Griffith, Eboni Ife, Cari Tucker, & Cari Tucker.

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