5 Fair Foods To Try At The San Diego County Fair

The Blue Book got a chance to sample some of the newest & bizarre fair foods at this years San Diego County Fair, opening June 5. Here are five notable fair foods we sampled this week in no particular order.

1. Deep-Fried Starbucks®
deep friend starbucks
Whole Starbucks coffee beans with chocolate, enclosed in a cinnamon roll then deep fried, served with sprinkled sugar and whip cream. This little concoction has a soft outer shell with a crunchy-chocolately middle. It’s like mocha popper’s!

2. Sweet Corn Ice Cream
sweet corn ice cream
Making its debut in the U.S. at the San Diego County Fair this year is artisan sweet corn ice cream. Imported from Mexico by The Original Corn Guy (grilled corn concession) and made with 100% natural ingredients. This unique dessert combines the perfect blend of sweet corn and vanilla, served in a real corn husk. Find it at the Corn Star Food Concession Stand on the Avenue of the Palms.

3. Mojarra Frita
Another import from the south is Mojarra Frita or Fried Tilapia (as it’s most commonly called in Latin America.) This tasty meal consists of one whole Tilapia lightly seasoned and breaded, deep fried (creating an excellent crunchy and savory skin) served on a bed of salad and french fries. Find it at Pignotti’s who will also be serving up excellent shark tacos, and giant jalapeño poppers!

4. Al Pastor Tacos
al pastor
Love street tacos? Then you gotta check out the al pastor tacos from La Gordita Grande. Made with BBQ pork with pineapple and onion cooked in the traditional way, on a vertical spit served with cilantro, onion, and chipotle aioli. This tacos were so moist and flavorful, we can’t wait to go back for more!

5. Grilled Cheese Frito Crunch Sandwich
This one comes from one of our favorite food stands, Grilled Cheese A-Fair. The Grilled Cheese Frito Crunch Sandwich is made with Frito chili, green onions, and cheddar cheese on sourdough. The Frito chili is packed with flavor, we could eat a whole bowl of it alone! A notable is also their Grilled French Onion Soup Sandwich with caramelized onions, Swiss cheese, french onion sour cream on sourdough served with a french onion soup dipper, which is key to this sandwich.

A (un?)surprising hit from Chicken Charlie’s – Deep-Fried Slimfast® Bar, a battered, deep-fried Slimfast Meal Bar drizzled with chocolate and powdered sugar. It tasted very similar to his famous deep fried Oreo. Evidently, Chicken Charlie’s used these bars to shed some weight and one day he decided to deep fry it as a treat and loved it!

The theme for the 2015 San Diego County Fair, presented by Albertsons|Vons is “A Fair to Remember: Celebrate The World’s Fairs and Balboa Park,” and commemorates the centennial anniversary of the 1915 Panama – California Exposition held in Balboa Park. The Fair will run for 25 days, from Friday, June 5 at 4 p.m. through Sunday, July 5, 2015, and will be closed on Mondays and the first two Tuesdays.

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