5 Exercises to Remain in Shape during the Summer Months


The time for sliding into those bikinis and getting one’s tan on is nearly upon us. Maybe you put on a few pounds over the winter months and want to look slim and trim as summer approaches. According to the US Census Bureau, over 60 million people visit a beach in the US each year. While the majority involve themselves in leisure activities, there’s certainly no reason why one can’t exercise and still enjoy the sun and fun beaches have to offer. Let’s take a look at 5 easy exercises to remain fit during the summer months.

  • Jogging on the beach. Jogging is actually a comprehensive workout. There’s no need to be an Olympic racer, however. Even a slow pace of 30 minutes along the shore can prepare you for additional exercises for those who seek to tone their muscles. While running in the sand is beneficial, it is preferable to run on flat, wet sand whenever possible. This reduces the possibility of injury, especially for newbies. If you are a newbie, avid overdoing it and build up your stamina.
  • How about some pushups? Sure, you can do pushups anywhere, but doing this simple exercise on the beach is much more pleasurable. Start in the plank position with your arms fully extended (no cheating!). Then slowly but surely lower your body down until your face is practically touching the sand. Use your strength to push yourself back up to the prone position. Again, don’t overdo it. When you feel tired it’s time for a break. The benefits are many and include building core body strength, toning muscles, improving cardio, and burning calories.
  • Sand Lunges. Lunges? That doesn’t mean reaching for the grub the next vendor is selling on the beach. If you’re looking to tone your glutes, hamstrings, calves and core muscles, this is an ideal exercise to perform on the beach and you’ll look good while doing so. Simply lunge forward with your leg and then lunge forward with the other leg in an endless motion while moving forward. On a crowded beach you’ll want to be sure you have room to perform this exercise. Go ahead and perform multiple sets of this exercise until your feel your legs getting tired and then give yourself a break. As with any exercise, be wise and don’t overdo yourself.
  • Burpees. Not Slurpee’s! To perform this exercise, squat down and place your hands on the sand in front of you. Never mind the mess, you can rinse off afterwards. Now, straighten out your legs behind you and perform a pushup. Once you do the pushup, quickly pull your legs back toward your body into a squatting position and then jump up as high as you possibly can I a nonstop motion. Repeat this exercise as necessary. Burpees are definitely a full body beach workout and you will observe amazing results as the summer progresses.
  • Running in water. Unlike jogging, running in shallow water adds extra resistance consequently making you work somewhat harder. The deeper the water, the more difficult it will obviously be. Runners should wear the appropriate footwear to avoid hazards such as broken glass, sharp shells and other sea debris. The benefits do outweigh the hazards providing you are careful.

Lounging on the beach is all good. Enjoying the fresh sea breeze, sunshine and interaction with others is good for one’s health. However, neglecting proper exercise may be avoided by simply completing the above exercises. Avoiding overdoing any exercise is paramount, especially in the heat of the day. Be wise, drink plenty of fluids and get that body in shape to show off for the summer!

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