5 Best Places in La Jolla for Photographs

La Jolla welcomes numerous tourists every year to its beaches in hopes to show them all the beauty it has to offer. Because of the picturesque beaches and ocean views, La Jolla is an extremely popular site for events, weddings and photo-shoots. While La Jolla’s beaches and coastline serve as a superb backdrop for any photo-op, we’ve put together a list of the 5 best places in La Jolla for photographs to make your search for the perfect picture that much easier.

The Children’s Pool

The Children's Pool

The Children’s Pool is a small beach located on Coast Boulevard that was originally created to be a place where children could swim and play and be protected from the large waves by the sea wall. Now it has been taken over by seals and is a major attraction for tourists as you can see upwards of a hundred seals swimming and lying on the sand. The wall, which was built to protect the sandy beach from the waves, serves as a perfect place to take a picture of the ocean from one view and the seals from the other.

Mount Soledad

Mt. Soledad

 If you are interested in seeing an incredible panoramic view of La Jolla, Mount Soledad is a must-see. Located at the top of Mt. Soledad is a Korean War Memorial, which features an enormous white cross. It is there that you will find one of the best views of La Jolla and arguably, San Diego. It also a perfect place to sit on a bench and relax or have a picnic, while enjoying the breathtaking view of both the ocean and the San Diego hills.

The Caves

The Caves One sight that is unique to La Jolla is the Sunny Jim Cave. To reach the cave, you must enter through the Sunny Jim Cave Store on Coast Boulevard and walk down a long flight of stairs through a manmade tunnel. The Caves are an extremely popular snorkeling and diving destination, but this cave is the only one you can enter by land. While there are 145 stairs, the trek up and down them is sure to be worth it once you see the fantastic view of the ocean.

The Murals

Murals If you walk around downtown La Jolla, you will see numerous creative and original murals on the buildings. Each of these murals is beautiful and eclectic, but one in particular is constantly photographed: Roy McMakin’s “Favorite Color” on Eads Avenue. The inspiration of the mural is to represent random people’s favorite colors. The colorful arrangement of tiles provides a perfect backdrop for photos, photo-shoots and simply is a beautiful picture on its own. Location: 7596 Eads Avenue La Jolla, CA 92037.

Scripps Pier

@ajksslr(Photo Credit: @ajksslr) And finally, the Scripps Pier is constantly a place where you can find people taking pictures both of the pier in its entirety and underneath the pier itself. The pier is located at Scripps Beach, or La Jolla Shores, and in the heart of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography campus. From the pier you can capture images of incredible surf, the vast sandy beaches and of San Diego in the distance. The area around the pier is also perfect for underwater photography. Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to hold a photoshoot or simply want to see beautiful views of La Jolla, these five best places for photographs are sure to give you unbelievable shots of this scenic city.

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