2014 San Diego Film Festival Line-up

The San Diego Film Festival is proud to screen narrative, documentary and short films all in competition vying for top honors. Screenings will be held at the Reading Theater in Downtown San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter and ArcLight Cinemas in La Jolla. The complete list of 2014 San Diego Film Festival titles are available at sdfilmfest.com.

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Here are the nominated films at this years San Diego Film Festival:

Narrative Competition (25): The Narrative Competition is comprised of films made by talented emerging filmmakers that compete for the Filmmaker Award. The winner is determined by a panel of jurors, and films in this section are also eligible for the Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature or Best International Feature.

  • A Love StoryLindefieldDir. Radu Gabrea, Romania, World Premiere 
  • Bad Country, Dir. Chris Brinker, USA
  • Big Significant Things, Dir. Bryan Reisberg, USA, West Coast Premiere
  • Cas & Dylan, Dir. Jason Priestley, Canada, San Diego Premiere
  • Chu and Blossom, Dir. Charles Chu, USA, California Premiere
  • Come to My Voice, Dir. Huseyin Karabey, Turkey/France/Germany US Premiere
  • Fort Bliss, Dir. Claudia Myers, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • God’s Slave, Dir. Joel Novoa, Venezuela/Argentina, North American Premiere
  • Gone Doggy Gone, Dir. Kasi Brown, USA, California Premiere
  • Jack and the Cuckoo-clock Heart, Dir. Stephane Berla, Mathias Malzieu, France/ Belgium, North American Premiere
  • Laggies, Dir. Lynn Shelton, USA, California Premiere 
  • Little Accidents, Dir. Sara Colangelo, USA, California Premiere
  • Noble, Dir. Stephen Bradley United Kingdom/Vietnam, US Premiere 
  • Project-M, Dir. Alex Colonna, Chad Clinton Freeman, USA, US Premiere 
  • SchimbareDir. Álex Sampayo, Spain, North American Premiere 
  • Starcrossed, Dir. Chase Mohseni, USA, World Premiere
  • The Equalizer, Dir. Antoine Fuqua, USA, US Premiere
  • The Good Lie, Dir. Philippe Falardeau, USA, US Premiere
  • The Imitation Game Dir. Morten Tyldum, United Kingdom/USA, California Premiere 
  • The Perfect Wave, Dir. Bruce Macdonald, South Africa/New Zealand/Indonesia, San Diego Premiere
  • The Wolves of Savin Hill, Dir. John Beaton Hill, USA, World Premiere
  • Time Lapse, Dir. Bradley King, USA, California Premiere
  • Where the Road Runs Out, Dir. Rudolf Buitendach, South Africa/Netherlands/Equatorial Guinea, World Premiere
  • Wild, Dir. Jean-Marc Vallee, USA, California Premiere 
  • You’re Not You, Dir. George C Wolfe, USA, US Premiere
Documentary Competition (14): The Documentary Competition is comprised of films made by talented emerging documentary filmmakers that compete for the Documentary Award. The winner is determined by a panel of jurors, and films in this section are also eligible for the Audience Award for Best Documentary Feature.
  • Austin to Boston, Dirs. Marcus Haney, James Marcus Haney, World Premiere
  • Chelsea’s Light, A Brothers Journey, Dir. Bruce Caulk, USA, World Premiere
  • Death Makes Life Possible, Dir. Mark Krigbaum, USA
  • Dogs on the Inside, Dirs. Brean Cunningham, Douglas Seirup, USA, West Coast Premiere
  • High Ground, Dir. Michael Brown, USA
  • LaDonna Harris: Indian 101, Dir. Julianna Brannum, USA
  • On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter, Dir. Dana Brown, USA, West Coast Premiere
  • Our people. Our culture. Our history., Dir. Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation, USA, World Premiere
  • OUT In the Lineup, Dir. Ian W. Thomson, Australia, West Coast Premiere
  • The Black Moses, Dir. Travolta Cooper, USA
  • The Hornet’s Nest, Dirs. David Salzberg, Christian Tureaud, USA
  • Touching the Sound: The Improbable Journey of Nobuyuki Tsujii, Dir. Peter Rosen, USA, West Coast Premiere
  • Untouchable: Children of God,Dir. Grant Knisely, India/Nepal/Singapore/USA, California Premiere
  • Waiting for Mamu, Dirs. Francois Caillaud, Dan Chen, Thomas A. Morgan, USA, San Diego Premiere
SHORTS (50):A Different Kind of Love:

  • A Stitch In Time (for $9.99), Dir. Mu Sun, USA, California Premiere
  • Chance of Rain, Dir. Philipp C. Wolter, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • Rolling Romance, Dir. David Conley, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • Sure Thing, Dir. Deborah Reinisch, USA, California Premiere
  • Til Death, Dir. Philip Chidel, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • Captain Fish, Dir. John Banana, France, World Premiere
  • Dam Keeper, Dir. Robert Kondo and Daisuke Tsutsumi, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • John Doe, Dustin Reno and Yizhou Li, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • Le Gouffre, Dir. Carl Beauchemin, Thomas Chrétien, and David Forest, Canada, San Diego Premiere
  • Owned, Daniel Clark and Wesley Tippetts, USA, California Premiere
  • The Umbrella Factory, Dir. Lexie Findarle Trivundza and Nick Trivundza, USA, California Premiere
  • Two Ghosts , Dir. Amy Lee Ketchum, USA World Premiere
  • Dragula, Dir. Frank Meli, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • Fare Play, Dir. Jeremy Weiss, USA,World Premiere
  • Lunchbox Loser, Dir. Virginia Abramovich, Canada, West Coast Premiere
  • The Moped Diaries, Dir. Tyler Nilson and Nick Vitale, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • Toutes des Connes, Dir. François Jaros, Canada, San Diego Premiere
  • What Cheer?, Dir. Michael Slavens, USA, San Diego Premiere
Mind Games:
  • A Man on the Edge, Dir. Edward Lyons, Australia, San Diego Premiere
  • Emily, Dir. Guy Davies, UK, San Diego Premiere
  • On the Bridge, Dir. Sameer Patel, UK, San Diego Premiere
  • Prized, Dir. Jason Carley, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • The Beating, Dir. Cyrus Mirakhor, USA, West Coast Premiere
  • The Trunk, Dir. Mragendra Singh, USA, World Premiere
Niche shorts:
  • Families are Forever, Dir. Caitlin Ryan, USA, West Coast Premiere
  • ištíŋma/to rest, Dir. Andres Torres-Vives, USA (Native American), San Diego Premiere
  • Of Beaches & Beer, Dir. Ben Moxley, USA, World Premiere
  • Unmatched, Dir. Bella King, USA/Canada (Native American), West Coast Premiere
Push the Limits:
  • Disconnected, Dir. Ludovic Littee, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • Present Trama, Dir. Mark Manalo, USASan Diego Premiere
  • The Bravest, The Boldest, Dir. Moon Molson, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • Tobacco Burn, Dir. Justin Liberman, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • TrespassDir. Keith Schwalenberg, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • Wrapped, Dir. Roman Kaelin, Falko Paeper, and Florian Wittmann, Germany/USA, San Diego Premiere
The Twist:
  • Etiquette, Dir. Lauren Davis, UK, North American Premiere
  • LiFi, Dir. Jason Boesch and Preston Peterson, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • Miriam, Dir. Esther Hegarty, UK, San Diego Premiere
  • Not Funny, Dir. Carlos Violadé Guerrero, Spain, California Premiere
  • Oh! My Princess, Dir. Heewook Sa, South Korea, West Coast Premiere
Unexpected Comedy:
  • Foam Drive Renegades, Dir. Adam DeViller, Canada, West Coast Premiere
  • Gli Zii, Dir. Gerard Monaco, UK/Italy, San Diego Premiere
  • Manos Arriba, Dir. Andrew Seaton, Australia, World Premiere
  • Modern Man, Dir. Sebastian Solberg, New Zealand, North American Premiere
  • Ricky Lemon, Dir. Roman Wyden, USA, San Diego Premiere
  • Tango Underpants, Dir. Khrob Edmonds and Miranda Edmonds, Australia, San Diego Premiere
World Issues:
  • Bagdad Mesi, Dir. Sahim Omar Kalifa, Belgium/United Arab Emirates, San Diego Premiere
  • Disinfection, Dir. Alexandra Parral, USA, World Premiere
  • Drone Strike, Dir. Chris Richmond, UK, San Diego Premiere
  • I am Sami, Dir. Kae Bahar, UK/Iraq, West Coast Premiere
  • The War Photographers, Dir. Steven Kochones, USA, San Diego Premiere

For more information, passes/tickets or sponsorship opportunities, visit www.sdfilmfest.com.

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