11 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter Rain in La Jolla

When you own a home, each season has its own checklist for maintenance. With El Niño being talked about on every news channel in San Diego and the promise of more rain than usual this fall and winter in San Diego, preparing your home for extra wet weather is a necessity this season. “It doesn’t have to be a challenge,” says Pancho Dewhurst of GDC Construction; their home maintenance checklist is the perfect guide to follow as you prepare for the fall and winter seasons in La Jolla.

1. Insulate
Check weather stripping and door sweeps and replace where needed. Take down summer screens, caulk windows, and where appropriate, install storm shutters and doors.

2. Clean Gutters
Clear and secure gutters and downspouts — gutters that are clogged lead to water pooling and can potentially cause roof damage and leaks.

3. Inspect the Roof
The roof is one of the most important aspects of weatherproofing a home. Assess the condition of your home’s roof for any noticeable damage — it’s a good idea to repair early to prevent a larger (and more costly) problem later.

4. Heating
Have your furnace cleaned and checked to assure it is in good working order. If the weather turns cold, you definitely don’t want to be without heat!

5. Plumbing
With excessive rain comes drain clogs, which can lead to a plumbing backup. Have a professional assess your drains to be sure your lines are clear to avoid any clogs or possible flooding.

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6. Check Exterior Lighting
Proper exterior lighting is important. Check timers and change outdoor light bulbs as needed, and consider having additional exterior fixtures added near the stairs, porch, driveway or backyard for added safety.

7. Prepare the Yard
Secure and/or store your patio furniture, pots and accessories safely out of the wind and rain. You can also protect and prolong the life of your perennials by adding mulch.

8. Check Irrigation and Exterior Faucets
Have all exterior faucets and irrigation valves checked to make sure there are no leaks that could contribute to land erosion.

9. Restock Emergency Kits
In the case of an emergency, having bottled water, flash lights, blankets, first aid supplies, shelf-stable snacks, and extra pet food is essential. Some homes are also equipped with back-up generators in the case of emergencies; if you have one, check to make sure it’s working properly.

10. Check Home Safety Devices
Check the batteries in all of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, as well as the expiration date on your fire extinguisher. Replace all of the above if needed.

11. Prepare for Activities Indoors 
Get a head start on preparing your home for holiday guests and indoor activities. Check fireplaces to assure they are cleaned and functional, and make sure all your other appliances are in working order before the holiday chaos begins.

If you have any questions about weatherproofing your home or would simply like to consult with GDC Construction on a building project, give them a call at (858) 551-5222 or visit their website.

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